Design Services
Design Drawings
The first step in planning for any design project is to draw out the blueprints for the design. The drawings should be to scale for accuracy and omit no detail from the final product. Drawings will be done from different perspectives of the room and at different elevations.

Space Planning
One of the trickiest elements of interior design is proper use of space. Good interior designs use space efficiently to keep rooms free of clutter while not leaving too much open space. During the planning process, we will take the necessary measurements to make sure the entire space in the room is accommodated. We will help you plan your vision for the design to fit within the space available.

Color Consultation
The color scheme of a room is ultimately what gives a room its “feel” whether it’s a warm feel accomplished with warmer colors or a cooler feel with darker, cool colors.

Kitchen Design & Remodeling
The kitchen is usually the busiest room of a home which is why it is important for a kitchen design to make good use of the space and contribute to the flow of the house.

Bath Design & Remodeling
A good bathroom design & remodel helps to make every day living easier. The space in the room will be used efficiently and conveniently to assure you can enjoy your new bathroom. A bathroom remodel normally brings a noticeable return on investment by increasing the value of the home.